AV Career Vision Overseas is the India Representative for ISL Sprachschule, Germany.

Our Office is situated in Chennai for processing all the student applications and handling applications from educational consultants for admission in ISL Sprachschule and its partnering 4 public Universities in Germany.

About ISL Sprachschule:

ISL Sprachschule Language Centre in Germany has become a leading organisation in helping foreign students to get a place in a public German Universities(and hence tuition fee is free of cost for both bachelors and Master’s program), to get through the Visa process and to learn the German language to the required level.
ISL Sprachschule provides unique package for Indian students which covers all the requirements needed to obtain visa and to pursue higher studies in Germany.
ISL Sprachschule started their Indian representative office to ensure that all Indian students those who are willing to study in Germany could enhance the facilities provided by them. ISL Sprachschule helps in documentation work typically takes no more than one month. ISL has agreements with many universities so that the student’s certification can approved within 3 weeks. The organisation provides a full package that starts with the document processing and ends with a student having the required German level after 6-9 months of study in Germany. There are many things that are necessary in order to get the German Visa: you will need to show that you have accommodation in Germany and that you have the right medical insurance. All of this is provided in the Package from ISL and its representative in India. A student starting the process today can then be studying at a German University within a year. Places are guaranteed in the Language courses and if your grades are good enough then you will also get the University place offered to you. In the last few years ISL has helped more than 250 students per year to achieve the German Level required to move on to the University of their Choice. Together with its Indian Partner it ensures that Indian students are treated fairly and get all the support that they need through the application process and in Germany itself

Partnering Universities:



  1. Language course up to 6 months – B1 Level
  2. Language course up to 9 months – C1 Level


  1. Koblenz
  2. Ettlingen
  3. Pforzheim


Documents required for admission:

  • Passport (Valid for at least 12 more months)
  • Passport size photos
  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation (SOP)
  • Two letters of recommendation (reference)
  • Certified copy of Academic certificate & mark sheet


Documents required for Visa processing:

  • Conditional Letter from University
  • Unconditional Letter from ISL (Language School)
  • 2 Months confirmed Accommodation
  • Course Duration Medical Insurance (6 or 9 Months)
  • Blocked Account (8040 Euro)


Procedure and processing time:

  • Step 1: Complete set of required documents (notarized) has to be emailed to us to check the eligibility.
  • Step 2: If the student is eligible we would inform to pay the registration/application fee of €400 and has to courier all the photocopies of documents (attested) along with the receipt of fee transfer to the following address:
  • Step 3:Once we receive the documents and the receipt of fees, we would issue the offer letter from ISL Sprachschule for German Language programme within a week and would issue the offer letter from University for Degree Programme within 4 weeks.
  • Step 4: Once the student receives the offer letter immediately he/she has to pay the balance fee:
    Subsequently the student has to email German embassy to book an appointment to open the blocked bank account.
  • Step 5: Once the appointment is been given by the German embassy the student has to go directly to the embassy with completely filled Deutsche bank account opening application form (but not signed) and has to sign the application form in front of the immigration officer to ensure that the applicant is the same.
  • Step 6: The bank account process would normally take between 3 and 4 weeks.
  • Step 7: Once the bank account is opened then Bank would send the IBAN (International Banking Account Number) to the student and then he/she has to transfer €8040 to the Deutsche bank account and they would receive the balance receipt from the bank.
  • Step 8: Student after receiving all the following documents:
    • Conditional Letter from University
    • Unconditional Letter from ISL (Language School)
    • 2 Months confirmed Accommodation
    • Course Duration Medical Insurance (6 or 9 Months)
    • Blocked Account (8040 Euro)

    They have to email or call the embassy for the visa appointment

  • Step 9: Once the visa appointment date has been fixed by the German embassy, student has to go directly and submit all the original documents mentioned above and has to face interview.

To know more about ISL Sprachschule and public Universities in Germanyplease contact us at
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MOBILE : 9940669932


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