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About German Economy & Education:

  1. In economically strong countries such as Germany, there is a shortage of skilled people from the EU to fill jobs at all levels. Germany for example cannot find over 250.000 qualified engineers in the EU for its high tech companies.
  2. Germany has a serious problem in this respect and has changed its laws in the last 2 years to attract qualified non EU individuals. And once a non EU Person has work in Germany, they qualify to live permanently there after 5 years of residence in Germany.

The criteria that students should take into account when thinking about a University course in Europe are, amongst others, the following:

  1. Can I get a Visa for a particular country?
  2. What do I wish to study and where are the best Universities for my subject?
  3. How much does the University course cost me?
  4. Can I support myself financially when I study?

The question that many forget to ask is what happens after I graduate. Will the country where I graduate from let me work and stay there subsequently?

Due to the developments mentioned above, Germany in particular has recently become very attractive to many Indian students. There is a high Visa approval rate for well qualified students, the Universities are free of charge to those qualified to study there, Germany as the high tech centre of Europe has the best University education in the EU and Germany is one of the very few EU countries that allows graduates to stay for more than 18 months after they graduate to allow them time to find suitable employment. Once they have found employment, which given the situation in Germany is not difficult, the Graduates can stay long term, gaining permanent residence status after 5 years and a German passport after 7-8 years.

AV Career Vision Overseas is the India Representative for ISL Sprachschule, Germany.

Our Office is situated in Chennai for processing all the student applications and handling applications from educational consultants for admission in ISL Sprachschule and its partnering 4 public Universities in Germany.

About ISL Sprachschule:

ISL Sprachschule Language Centre in Germany has become a leading organisation in helping foreign students to get a place in a public German Universities(and hence tuition fee is free of cost for both bachelors and Master’s program), to get through the Visa process and to learn the German language to the required level.

ISL Sprachschule provides unique package for Indian students which covers all the requirements needed to obtain visa and to pursue higher studies in Germany. The package covers

  • Guaranteed admission for German Language programme within a week
  • Guaranteed admission in 4 public Universities
  • 2 months guaranteed accommodation which is mandatory for visa purpose
  • Medical Insurance which is also mandatory for visa purpose
  • Easy documentation
  • Visa processing.

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