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Thailand has become quite an important center for education

The benefits of studying in Thailand are much bigger: You will live and adjust to the cultures of all Asia in a single country.

Thailand is a very kind and hospitable country. Not only western students are welcome in the international programs. International students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh , as well as Sri Lanka, Mongolia, African, South- and North-American, and European students enjoy their studies in Thailand.

Studying in a foreign country has always been a desirable pursuit for young people. It broadens the mind, expands the knowledge base, and exposes young people to different cultures and values. The globalization of education is one of the great benefits of globalization at large. Multinational companies have long known that multi-cultural employment and training facilities can be good for sales and profits.

In the past, most students headed for the traditional bastions of advanced education such as the United States and the UK. In recent years, competition has emerged from other places such as Australia and New Zealand. More recently however, Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Thailand are becoming increasingly attractive. Learning English, for example, is no longer an exclusive domain of the U.S. and U.K.

Foreign students will require special visas to stay in Thailand. In most cases, the respective educational institutions will get this organized, as it could involve a fair amount of paperwork.Thailand is becoming a very welcoming country for foreign students, especially those who respect the country’s traditions and culture, do not become judgmental about its people, stay clear of local politics and are willing to learn from the country’s successes and failures. Follow these simple rules and the results will last a lifetime.






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